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Sales Tips for the Automotive Industry

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What do you have in common with your client?

Have you ever been asked by your sales manager when you walked into their office with a deal worksheet: "What do you have in common with these people?" It is a great question that a sales manager could ask you about the people you are trying to sell a car to.


Un-training. How to combat the deterioration of sales skills

My team has experience – they don’t need more training!


Unlock Your Own Power of Why

We often coach sales managers on their true role. Sometimes they look puzzled when we say: "Your job is not really managing sales or even growing sales." The sales manager's highest value comes from developing salespeople.


UnappliedTime - In the sales department?

Sales department? Isn't unapplied time a measurement of service department
productivity? Who ever heard of unapplied time in the sales department?
Maybe those of us in the sales departments can learn a few lessons from how the service shop operates.


Uh... I think you are leaking closing ratio

What holds us back from hitting our volume and income objectives? For most salespeople, the difference between where you are and where you would like to be is only a matter of a few points in closing ratio. So where do we "leak" closing ratio?