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Brian Choo - Training Consultant

Brian is a results-oriented leader with over 23 years of experience and a proven track record of building high-performing teams with a rare combination of retail and corporate (OEM) experience which helps him learn, grow and develop effective customer-centered processes.

He is a dedicated leader who plans, solves problems and cultivates winning cultures. Brian drills down to the root of a problem to find sustainable solutions. His time as General Manager at 3 dealerships has really provided him with excellent insight into the challenges in dealerships and how to best overcome them.

Spending the time to understand the challenges people face and guide them through change is key. Leading by example and teaching effective communication is essential, and listening to understand rather than listening to reply is a powerful principle that can be applied in all situations.

The accomplishment that he is most proud of is seeing the people he has led progressively grow into strong leaders themselves.