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Michael DePeazer - Training Consultant

As a seasoned leader in the Canadian Automotive industry, Asper School of Business Graduate, and IPEC Certified Life Coach, Michael DePeazer possesses a wealth of experience in the realms of customer service and process implementation with his results-driven approach.

With 18+ years of management, advising, and coaching experience, this accomplished industry leader works with small to big-sized teams to help drive superior-level performance and growth and deliver consistent results.

Michael is a trailblazer as he was able to successfully integrate his life coaching and mindset skills with the technical aspects of the role, bringing a unique yet proven training experience never-before-seen in the industry.

His innovative, forward-thinking, and goal-oriented approach effectively blends an in-person and virtual training experience and offers an exceptional learning experience.

Michael’s mission is to connect with every client personally and professionally he works with, delivering proven processes and laser-like focus while building a community of people ready to reprogram their brains for success.