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Matt Robbins - Training Consultant

Matt Robbins has been a top performer in the automotive industry since 1989. Matt's retail automotive roles have included sales, F&I and management. For many years now Matt has been a sales and service process trainer creating one sales professional after another.

Matt has also successfully run a large communications center making millions of calls each year. Matt has a deep understanding of the BDC business. Dealerships benefit from Matt’s knowledge of the structure, systems, incentives, and management it takes to create a powerful business development team.

Matt's words: After working with literally hundreds of dealerships. I sincerely believe that for "Us" to be better "I" need to be better. I believe what we teach you today, must be something you can apply tomorrow.

I love it when a light comes on and people get it, because it's in these moments I know, we have changed the quality of life for the Sales People, their families and the organizations that employ them."

Matt has trained thousands of professionals in Canada and overseas and is in high demand with luxury brands.