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Grant Brown - Training Consultant

We’re proud to have Grant as part of our powerful New Zealand-based team!

His experience as a high performer is broad-ranging, with his roots in the automotive industry spanning most of his working life, beginning with pumping gas at the local service station after school.
Most recently, Grant has been a team member of NZ’s largest Toyota group for the last 7 ½ years.

He moved into parts and parts management for Nissan and then moved to car sales for Ford.
Grant made a career change and took on the role of Sales Director for the Tradergroup, where he managed a nationwide team responsible for a number of magazines and websites advertising motorcycles, boats, campervans, heavy transport, farming equipment and, of course, cars with the flagship brand Autotrader, at that time New Zealand’s top-selling car magazine.

At Tradergroup, Grant discovered a real passion for training his sales team and junior managers. He especially enjoys the “when the penny drops” moments and watching the salesperson grow in confidence and success.

Grant has a customer-centric approach to selling and believes that well-developed sales fundamentals are essential cornerstones to successful selling.
His interests include motorcycle racing, rugby union, and martial arts, the latter two as a coach and instructor.

He is looking forward to more penny-dropping moments working with this current generation of automotive sales professionals!