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Riley Leboe - Content & Online Developer

Riley LeboeRiley has 10 years in Video Production and Editing experience. He started out in the action sports industry at a young age and now has an established resume that includes production pieces for Toyota New Zealand, Auto Bavaria, Silver Star Mountain Resort, and Toyo Tires. His experience in multimedia enables performance training being delivered through many outlets including online video, interactive video, DVD and eLearning.

Riley started working in the auto industry at 18 as a product advisor for Vernon Toyota and was trained by Automotivaters from the beginning. He has experience in training and executing for large private sales and enjoys performing under pressure.

Riley spends his winter months in front of the camera lens as a professional skier in feature films from Matchstick Productions and Warren Miller and television shows such as the Ride Guide TV and NBC Sports. He has numerous Canadian Freestyle Skiing titles and uses his skills learned in sport in all aspects of his life.

Riley enjoys an active lifestyle in Squamish, BC, mountain biking, hiking and traveling the world skiing.